urban landscape & vantage point

(Sorry for the lateness, I thought they were due with the September 9 landscape shot)

1. Urban Landscape

I decided I would go on a journey to the Jacques Cartier bridge alone for this assignment, and see what kind of pictures I could get out of it of our skyline. My favorite was this one, because the sky has just the right amount of color that all fade nicely.

I like this image for different reasons than the first one, because there is not very much colour to be excited about. What I like about it is the lonely feeling I get, because walking around the city by yourself can make someone feel very alone and isolated. This area seemed like a place often overlooked, and I decided to take the time to look, and liked what I saw.

2. Vantage point

My idea for this image came to me when I was waiting to get on a bus (the top image), and then my idea developed even more when I looked up while on said bus (the bottom image). The two have almost identical shapes, and I thought it would make a great diptych and appropriate vantage point shots, because they were both shot straight up and down.

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