c u p c a k e s

I had so much fun doing this photoshoot!

food research

"wow, that's different!"
you don't often see salt & pepper portraits

"wow, that looks delicious!"

all images are from flickr.com

food photography - soup

For these images I bought a green cardboard so I could have a colored background instead of the simple black, grey or white. The color green that it turned out in the images looked too much like a green screen for movies. So I came up with two versions of colored backgrounds:

This one is my favorite. I think the soft green balances out the more vibrant green of the parsley and the bright orange as well.

I like this color too, but I think that's just because I like the color and not because it actually works with the image. :)


glass research

glass shoot

glass on black

glass on white

I'm really unsatisfied with the results of my photos. Shooting glass is a lot harder than I expected! Or maybe my set-up was wrong. But either way, I hope I can one day improve my glass-shooting skills.