still life

Here are my still life images! They were quite fun to shoot!

Maximum depth of field

Minimum depth of field

Available Light




Here is a scanograph I found online that I really enjoy:
I really love the contrast of the red cherries and the blue/green background tint of the image. The surreal quality to it makes it so interesting to look at.

These are my own scanographs. They were mostly tests to see how I could manipulate my images, and I feel an addiction to scanography coming on for this weekend...

my best friend and i

long fingers

peace and love

some more I did over the weekend:


Creative Lighting Portraits

M. Mason
For this photo, I set up the lights so that the small one was shining directly behind his head, giving the outline along his shoulders/neck and emphasizing the form of his hair. Then there is the bigger 500 watt light somewhere between split and short. Because his head is facing the bigger light source, we loose his neck to shadow, and it creates an interesting line along his jaw.

Y. Jobin
For this photo I set up one 500 watt light on the ground to create the shadow on the background, and there is also a small light on the right side of his face to eliminate shadows as much as possible.


Classic Studio Portrait

Yann, from the other first year group