b a k e r y, part 2

These are my second attempts at a bakery at Cocoa Locale in the plateau. I'm not as happy with these as my first batch of images. The store was tiny so there wasn't too much space to move around, and it was so colourful and busy that black and white does not really do the place justice. But here they are! She was very sweet.


I've decided to post a few images in color, just to get an idea of the really cool environment they were actually shot in :)


b a k e r y, part 1

Yuki Cafe on Sherbrooke Street

I really like how these images turned out, although I really wanted to shoot a roll of film to really have an authentic feel to the photos. However, there are not enough hours in one day. I might go back on Thursday and shoot some more, and maybe hit up a barbershop or fish market on the same street :)


Multiple Flash

the Leibovitz look

Some other flash portraits:


camera works: stop motion video

everyone should click the video to watch it in a different window, so that it's not cut off



bounced flash: "creative"

Caroline Ronalds! (from second year!)

bounced flash

I like the last two looks the best, the window lighting look is really pretty! :)



classic shot: broad lighting, 5:1

creative: experimenting with color gels

I'm not sure how I feel about these color gels. I'm torn between pretty or cheesy. Oh well.

model: Alysia Baldo


interesting catchlights

i thought the catchlights in the sunglasses was a cool idea

short lighting


Lighting ratios